But how much will it cost me?

That is the question I always hear when I tell people I have started with a personal trainer. And that is the exact first question I had for Laura. How much is it going to cost me?

And then, I started thinking about the cost of my work outs versus the pay off that I am going to have in about 6 months. See here’s the thing for me. I am overweight, and what is THAT costing me right now.

Its costing me my relationship with my kids. I have a heck of a time running around and playing with them outside. I want to. But I usually end up more as a spectator/cheerleader for their little games that they play instead of a participant. How many times did I tell them, “No, Mommy just wants to sit my chair right now. But you go, and I will watch” or “No, Mommy is just too tired to play hopscotch/scooters/bike ride/imaginary whatever with you.” And then to watch their sad little faces walk away. But they understand, right? Or so I keep telling myself.

It is costing me my own self esteem. I recently flew to my best friends house and I needed an extender for my seat belt when I was on the plane. Not to mention that my hips weren’t exactly comfortable while I sat there. I felt a bit like a squished sausage! And that is also exactly the way I feel when I go to the movies. Those seats are almost unbearable. You know, if I am going to pay that price to see a movie, I want to enjoy it, but I don’t. I am constantly thinking about how uncomfortable I am.  And here is one more twinge of pain I have been feeling. I went on vacation with my family two years ago.  There were roller coasters.  I will never forget when that attendant told me that I needed to exit the roller coaster because he couldn’t get the bar over my lap.  My little children had to ride alone and everyone saw me get off the coaster. How embarrassing.

What else is this costing me?  Well, I have to pay high price for the clothes that I have to buy in the “fat girls” store. And if we want to get started on shopping, it hurts so bad when I go shopping with friends and I know that I can’t even buy anything at that store, because I wouldn’t even be able to get one leg in some of those jeans!

I know I know, this wasn’t your question. How much is it going to cost you? Well, what is good health worth to you? What if you were told that this is the last time that you would have to “diet”. No more Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, South Beach, Atkins,  Cabbage and Banana, or any of those other diets. What if this time you found techniques that worked for you. And you lost the weight and were able to keep it off? What would you pay for getting your life back? That is exactly the question that I was asked when I said what will it cost me. And I realized then, I am WORTH it! And you are WORTH it!

Think of that! You are worth being in shape for you. For your husband. For your kids. For your families. So, I ask you? What is not being in good health costing you?

For some of my friends its the relationships in their lives. Others, its getting passed over on that promotion that they have been working toward (I know, its discrimination right. But come on, companies invest in people for the long run. What are they seeing in you?) For even others, its not being able to have kids because they aren’t able to carry to full term or cant get pregnant because their health is getting in the way.  Some, it is just that they can’t seem to hold their head up when they walk in the room because they don’t feel worth anything?

I, my friends, have weighed the cost versus pay off and realize, that while in the beginning of this journey it might hurt my pocket book a little. The end result is so much better. I am buying my life back! I am so looking forward to a few months from now, the end of April to be exact. My family has decided that we would like to go back to the same place we did two years ago for vacation!

And what about you? What will being in the best shape of your life bring you? Fame. Love. Babies. Wealth. Or just good old fashioned fun?  Hit the comment button below and share with all of us what you are buying with the money you spend on fitness.


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