Week 2 Weigh In

Hey girls, how you doing?
Me? Well I am doing great, but yesterday was a rough day for me. Not anything major, but in my head. I went out to lunch with a friend and we picked a place that wouldn’t have been my first choice. Or second, or third, even! But I thought to myself, no big deal, I am sure I can find something to eat. And I did. But then the little voices started.

“You’re not good enough to lose weight. You have been fat forever. You will always be fat. Nobody cares if you get thin, so why should you. After two weeks, see, you eat out, and fail. You are a failure.”

Whew. Well, those voices got to me a bit. And while, I didn’t eat anything bad for me, and I stuck with it. It made yesterday really hard for me, and I couldn’t wait until I could just crawl into bed.
Now, I am sure that you have had those days too. Days where you feel like it doesn’t matter how hard you work at something, but there can’t be change. I think it is our fear of the unknown, the new life, that we are scared of. But I realize too, that I have to just keep reaching for it. And whatever happens, it is going to be great!

And speaking of great. I had my first weigh in today. I plan to weigh in every two weeks. And even though I haven’t been blogging for two weeks yet, it has been two weeks since I started.
So I am going to post my first day stats first and then list week two, so you can see the differences.

Day 1                                                      Week 2

Weight:261.1 lbs                               255.2lbs

Chest: 49 1/4 in                                 46 3/4 in

Waist: 48 in                                          46 3/4 in

Hip: 53 3/4 in                                     53 1/2 in

Arm: 17 1/4 in                                    17 1/2 in

Thigh: 28 in                                           27 1/4 in

Body fat: 46.8 %                                  44.4 %

Lean Body Mass: 21.1 %                    22.3%

So as you can see, if you look back I did not have my percentage of body fat or lean body mass, and I thought I should add them here for you. Also, my hip inches I had initially written down wrong, so I corrected the error here.

So as you can see, in just 2 weeks I have lost a total of 4 1/2 inches off of my body. I have lost 6 pounds (okay just a squeak away). I have lost 2.4% body fat, and I gained 1.2% lean muscle!

I would say we are at a good start here!














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One response to “Week 2 Weigh In

  1. I can see 2 things already in your pictures. 1) Your posture is improving and making you look taller and leaner, and 2) your lower tummy is already getting smaller.

    Keep up the great work! I love helping clients like you to succeed!

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