Christmas Party Hottie & Good Food vs. ‘Bad’ Food

Hey girls!
Have you ever started trying to lose weight and then you get invited somewhere and you think… GREAT… there is going to be nothing there for me to eat!
Well that was me on Saturday night. It was my husbands Christmas party. His boss always rents a really nice place and usually we have a fabulous buffet. I was stressing out about it for several days. I could have planned all I wanted, but I knew that that there wasn’t going to be a lot of healthy choices.
So this is what I did. First I ate a little bit less for breakfast and lunch. I wanted to make sure that I maintained my blood sugar without being starved by the time dinner rolled around.
When I got to dinner time I was quite hungry and then they brought out the buffet. It was chicken wings, spinach quesadillas, a nacho bar with cheese and sour cream and then a bruschetta bar. It was full of fatty things to put on bread. There were also desserts as far as the eye could see.
I picked a few of the things that I really liked. I had one chicken wing, one quesadilla, a very small bit of nachos, one piece of bread with a portabella mushroom, and a small piece of prime rib that they were serving. And lastly I had a few bites of dessert.
I got to tell you I feel like I rocked it! I feel like I was able to have a few things that I really liked and I was easily able to stop when I was feeling full. And believe me I did feel full!
In fact, I had been wanting that dessert, I had been looking forward to that dessert! But you know what, after I had my small little bites of things, I felt so full, that three or four bites made me really happy!
For me that was victory because just three weeks ago I would have gone back to the buffet several times, and I would have eaten at least one dessert, if not two!
Here is the other victory for me that I really want to share with you. I dropped a pant size! And hanging in my closet was this cute little pencil skirt I bought a long time ago, but it never really fit right! Well, not anymore! I wore it Saturday night, and I felt like one hot mama! (and I think my husband agreed!)

It is so amazing to me that just after a few weeks I am feeling great and feeling like I look great too! I want to share with one thing that I really attribute to this learning process.

Food is just food. It is not good or bad, its just food. For far to long I have been beating myself up for choosing bad food and putting these negative feelings on them. But there is no need to. Its just food. It is what give us fuel for our bodies. It is up to me to choose which fuel I am going to put in my body. I have the choice between the premium fuel for my body (good proteins, healthy fats and good carbs) or just regular (some foods that maybe a bit less healthy for me). They will both give me the energy that I need to live, but one (the good stuff) will help me to reach my goals in looking good and feeling better quicker than the other.

But you know what, sometimes it is okay to just pick something you want over what you need.  Sometimes you might really want that piece of white bread or that small ice cream. I am not saying that it is something to eat all the time. But sometimes… Just don’t lose sight of your goals! I think that was one hurdle I needed to jump over, and now that I have I am really started to see food so much differently! I am no longer craving chocolate or ice cream or even those lattes I was drinking twice a day.

I can really just enjoy food, because it is there to help me! I hope that you too, will be able to enjoy the foods that you eat as I have learned! Take care!


Picture of me at the party in my skirt!

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One response to “Christmas Party Hottie & Good Food vs. ‘Bad’ Food

  1. maryjane

    Hi Angela,
    It toms wife, MaryJane. I Would have to agree, you looked great at the party! Keep up the good work! I love ur blog! I’m going to try the sweet potato recipe tonite!

    Wish me luck!

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