Weigh in Week 4

Hey there. So for those of you that are following the national weather service, here in Wisconsin we have been in the middle of Blizzard warnings, and severe winter storms. But, did that keep me from working out today? NO WAY!
I put on all my gear, snowpants, boots, a bunch of layers, and I tromped my way up to Laura’s. Don’t worry it is only about a mile! 🙂
I did it in 21 minutes, which was amazing due to the fact that there wasn’t a single sidewalk plowed anywhere! And then after I stripped down to my workout clothes Laura put me to work!
And let me tell you, whoever said that YOGA was for sissies, has never done yoga like I did. I thought I was going to die, and I am pretty sure my body did too! But Laura assured me wholeheartedly that my body would love me later. (I am still waiting to see that happen)
But there is good news. Today was weigh in day!

So here my my week 4 stats:

Day 1                                                      Week 4

Weight:261.1 lbs                               251.2 lbs

Chest: 49 1/4 in                                 46.25 in

Waist: 48 in                                          45.34 in  (47.25 new measurement, see explanation below)

Hip: 53 3/4 in                                     52.5  in

Arm: 17 1/4 in                                     16.75 in

Thigh: 28 in                                            28.25 in  (muscle increasing size, they are sooo hard now)

Body fat: 46.8 %                                   43.5%

Lean Body Mass: 21.1 %                    22.9%  (see more muscle in my thighs, must be the lunges)

Total so far (4 weeks) 10 pounds, 7 3/4 inches, 3.3% body fat lost. Laura keeps telling me (and I though I would share) to keep in mind we only measure just a few places. My body is shedding all over which I hope you can see in the pictures.  We had to find a new waist measurement because I am already losing belly fat in places so that I have a new waist line.  Wooo Hooo!

So as you can see I am making great progress so far!  I hope through my journey that you can be inspired too!  Let me know what you think in the comments below.













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