Weigh in Week 6

Here we are again my dear ones. I cannot believe that it has all ready been 6 weeks.

Usually by this time I have given up because I just didn’t think that I could do it. But here I am and I feel better than ever. But, I feel like I am on a rocky ship this week. Life has been super crazy in my world, and I have been feeling frazzled. And usually when that happens I turn to food. I have done really well not doing that, but now I am heading out of town.
I am going to “camp” for the weekend, and I am all ready dreading the camp food. But here is what I have done to prepare myself. I called the kitchen ahead of time and asked what the menus looked like. I told them that I had some dietary concerns and was interested in what I would be able to eat. They were very gracious in offering up the menu for me.
The only night that scares me a bit is the dreaded POTATO BAR! But after a quick consult to Laura, I have decided to bring one of my sweet potatoes with me and see if they will bake it for me! And then I will not miss out and no one even has to know that I am doing something “special”
I gotta say, sometimes trying to eat the healthy way is not always easy, but it is soooo well worth it!
I am loving every minute of my life these days, and I hope you are too!
Here’s my stats for week 6! I am amazed at how much my body is all ready changing! IN JUST 6 WEEKS!

Day 1                                                    Week 6

Weight:261.1 lbs                               248.3 lbs

Chest: 49 1/4 in                                 46.75 in

Waist: 48 in                                          47

Hip: 53 3/4 in                                     51.75  in

Arm: 17 1/4 in                                     16.75 in

Thigh: 28 in                                            28 in

Body fat: 46.8 %                                   42.9%

Lean Body Mass: 21.1 %                    23.1%

Total of 12.8 pounds lost, 9.74 inches lost, 3.9% body fat lost IN JUST 6 Weeks










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One response to “Weigh in Week 6

  1. Beth Wolfe


    You look amazing! Keep up the good work!!


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