Board Losers ~ (not bored losers)

Coach Laura here again!  Angela has been rocking it and her blog posts have been helping so many of us stay motivated (in fact 75 users hit our blog the first day of a recent post).

But she isn’t the only one rocking her weight loss.  I want to give credit where credit is due.  This post is for all of my clients who bring it strong to every workout, who are thinking about what they are eating, who have stopped the insanity (one definition of insanity is doing the same thing but expecting different results; how is your sanity doing?),  and are melting before my eyes. I am so proud of you guys! I love to see the changes, to brain storm with you the challenges you face, and to see you keep going.  I love to celebrate each pound or inch lost, and ever lesson learned.  I have clients on this board who:

  • Have injuries they currently deal with
  • Must take their blood sugar daily
  • Are single working mom’s that make time for themselves to workout.
  • Recently have had to deal with illness and still keep going
  • Are mom’s of children that take extra care and patience for one reason or the other

and I am sure have other things they deal with and don’t tell me all about.  The more I know about all of you the more I respect each of you.  My clients make my day.  I have said it before, and will say it again; I have the best job ever, and I owe that to each of you.

These numbers are from just a few of my clients who just got weighed and measured over the 15th.  This is not all of them, so if you don’t see your name on here it will be on the board soon. 

Keep Going!  All of you are great.

Coach Laura


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2 responses to “Board Losers ~ (not bored losers)

  1. Nancy Moyer

    Thanks Laura for pushing me, listening to me and helping me take care of me. I know you really care.

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