I am my own biggest competition!

Yep, that’s right its me! I am one of the most competitive people I know and for someone who is not athletic, that is quite shocking to me. But I love friendly competitions through and through. But in weight loss there is no one to compete with. BECAUSE ITS NOT A COMPETITION!

Before, I was concerned with not losing weight quickly enough. I had wanted, for years, to try to get on Biggest Loser because in my mind losing gobs and gobs of weight in 7 or 8 weeks sounded ideal! It would have been perfect for me or so I always thought. But a few days ago I was watching the show and I realized that I have it made here in my little hometown working out with my own trainer. I get to pick what I want to eat, and I am not stuck eating 1000 calories a day (way more and I don’t know how many cuz I don’t count them). I don’t have any red lines or yellow lines to worry about, and I certainly don’t have all that crazy drama of a weigh in. But I also can be who I am, and know that I am not a failure if I pick some food that is not the best choice. I don’t have anyone breathing down my neck about it. Just me.

I get to choose how I feel about me. And over and over I am choosing to LOVE who I am, because I really do. I have spent this last 7 weeks working on who I am. Realizing that there is nothing wrong with me. That I can be an athlete if I want to be someday. (Even though, I might never be, I COULD BE!)

I have been up and down in weight loss for years, but this time its different for me. I have stopped trying to be in someone elses body. Meaning, I don’t need to look like someone else, or lose weight like someone else. BECAUSE I AM NOT SOMEONE ELSE! I am ME! I don’t have to worry about what others think of me, because as long as I am happy with who I am the rest doesn’t really matter. And I don’t have to worry what other people are doing, or losing, or whatever, because GOOD FOR THEM! And I really mean that, I am so excited about what others are doing for themselves. But that is still them, and this is me.

So this is where I am competing against myself. I keep looking at the progress I made and keep that at the very forefront of my mind. When I started 7 weeks ago I could walk/run a mile in 20 minutes. Today I did a half mile in just under 8! (that was after a 1 hour, hard workout) I could barely go faster than 2.3 on the treadmill, and now I am running at 5 miles an hour. AND for 25 seconds on Monday I ran at 6.9 miles per hour. And it was awesome! I am doing lunges,and squats and lifting serious amounts of weight with my arms. I am looking great and feeling great. And I know I am giving my very best at every workout and I can’t give any more. And at the end of every single day I feel great about not holding anything back.

So for today, I know that 13 pound weight loss is AMAZING! And I left all that I had in the gym! Keep it up!

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.  I am getting lonely here, so let me hear from ya!  Once you write a comment, it will go in for “approval” just to keep spam off the blog and be posted within 24 hours or so.

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