Week 8 Weigh In

Hello all my blogger friends. Well, I am up to week 8 and I have to admit, I love working out. But that doesn’t mean that it is easier. The workouts change every Wednesday and I am super sore every Thursday! But I have learned that I cannot give up. I must keep pushing forward because I know what the goal is.
The goal is to get healthy! And that is exactly where I am heading.
Day after day I am surprised by my results. And had I known that it would have been this “easy” I would have gotten a trainer long ago. I know I have said this many times before, but for me getting a trainer has been the key to optimal weight loss for me. Because I have someone there who is cheering me on! I have loved the last 8 weeks of my life because it finally feels like everything clicks. I am loving how I look, and who I am. And I feel as though life is really great!
I dont want you to think though, that my life wasn’t great before I had lost weight. Because honestly, I loved the life that I had before. But now, I feel as though I can be so much more because I am getting into shape and finding good health. There were so many things that I felt I was held back from because of my weight. And now, I feel like I could conquer anything. Its not even that I am THAT much smaller, thinner, healthier, whatever..the thing is, my perspective has changed. I realize now that I am so much stronger then I ever thought I could be.
So I know you are all waiting for the weigh-in results and here they are:

Start                                           Week 8

Weight:261.1 lbs                   242.2                  18.9

Chest: 49 1/4 in                      45                        4.25

Waist: 48 in                              45                         4.5 (due to change where we measure)

Hip: 53 3/4 in                          51                        2.75

Arm: 17 1/4 in                        16.75                 .5

Thigh: 28 in                              28                         has gone down, then up due to muscle

From the side

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  1. Melissa

    You are looking great!

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