Weigh In week 10

Hey all my bogger friends, have you been wondering what the heck happened to me? I know I haven’t blogged in a good two weeks. And let me just tell you… I have been very sick. Two weeks ago after the weigh in, i had not been feeling great, but then I went down hill fast! I ended up being in bed two full days, and several days on the couch. I thought I had just a common cold, but then continued to get sicker and sicker. Last Sunday I ended up in the hospital with what I thought was pneumonia, but found out I was suffering for pleurisy. Which if you don’t know what that is, it is an inflammation of the lining of the lung, and it is incredibly painful.
Here, I thought I had been getting better. But then I hit this huge setback. I even asked the doctor, “Can I still go workout?” The doctor chuckled and said, “Do you WANT to go workout?” All I was thinking was duh, of course I want to. And then he said to me, “Well, you can if you want to, but I am not sure it will help with your goal on getting better.”
Now where have I heard that before? Making good choices is all about balance and goals. Hmm. Isn’t that what my weight loss is alll about? Deciding what is going to be the best for the end result?

I could have gone to work out this week, but I ran a huge risk of causing my lung to not only get worse but ending up in the hospital for a longer stay. I made a choice to stay home, I didn’t say “I can’t work out” I said, I choose good health! And that is really a lesson I am learning overall. I am choosing good health. I realize that it may have set back my overall 6 month goal. But what if I would have worked out hard this week, I could have put myself out of commission for several weeks or a month even. And then I would be even further from my goal. So for me, in the long run this was a much better choice to give myself some days of good rest, and then get back on the grind. AND NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT IT!

I did what was best for me, so I carry no guilt around. If I can continue to say to myself, is this the very best thing that will get me to my goals (weight loss or otherwise) I can live a life that I respect and free of guilt.

And I must say that I am so glad that I rested because when I went back to working out on Friday I felt great and I was ready to be back!

So here is my measurements and pictures at week ten! I hope you are encouraged by my progress, and I hope that you are doing well on your weight loss journey, and as always..please feel free to contact me with questions or comments!


LOST                22 pounds

Chest  down   4  inches

Waist down    5 inches

Hips down      2 3/4 inches

Arm down      1 inch

Thigh down    1 inch


BODY FAT % LOST:    5.2%





















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