Keep Pushing Forward

How can you keep pressing onward when life gets in the way? That is the question I have been asking myself for a few weeks now. I have hit the inevitable 11-12 week mark, and things are getting hard. It was bound to happen, life that is.

I have spent more than three weeks being sick. First with an awful cold and flu like mess, and then with shingles. Yes that is right, I was plagued recently with grown up chicken pox. Thankfully for me I did not have them as bad as some people I know. But still, they were annoying, painful, and quite discouraging to my journey.  I certainly did not want to eat healthy or work out. I wanted to lay in my bed for more than three weeks, and just lay there.

But I didn’t. I forced myself to get out of bed and press on. For me it is like running a race and putting one leg in front of another. When I didn’t want to work out I reminded myself that there was a very good reason for going to the gym and being tortured by Coach Laura. And that reason was good health.

Notice: I did not say weight loss, but health. Because in the end, while weight loss is the one of the outcomes, being healthy is what I want most. That is what drives me each day to get up, and eat healthy and go to the gym. That is what is driving me to pass up on the pizza (not always, but often). Health is what is making me make sure that I have good snacks in my fridge. And going to the gym and pushing as hard as I can because its worth every dime! Because I am worth it, the money and the time that I spend getting healthy!

So many people I know say that they don’t have the time or money to get into shape. Now in my previous blogs I have talked about money, and why YOU are the best investment that you can spend your money on. I believe that about your time too. You have to be willing to find time as I have, to chose good health.

I know how hard it is, believe me. (I have five kids remember) But for those of you that feel like you don’t have the time, I want to encourage you right now to find some time. I would like to outline for you a couple of quick and easy exercises that you can do at your home in just 15 minutes.

First you need to remember that you should always warm up, cool down and stretch! That is important so you don’t hurt yourself. You could walk around the outside of your house a couple times (if you have little ones in the house) or go up and down the stairs, or even walk around your block once.

Then, grab a couple of cans of soup or beans and go over to your stairs. This could be inside stairs, outside stairs, or even a small step stool. Then step up, both feet on it and then back down. Do that 20 times, 10 each leg.

You can also use those soup cans for curls! How about 15 jumping jacks, and then 15 sit ups or crunches! And then go back to your stairs and do it again. If you have a small coffee table you can do some leg overs, where you stand back and just lift one leg over and then the other. Its a great exercise!

And then like I said don’t forget to give yourself a cool down. It is pretty simple to do a good quick workout at home, you just need to get creative.

I also want to give you some really quick and easy snack ideas. There is some Greek yogurt out there that is chocolate flavored and it is super delicious and a great source of protein. Also, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese and some carrots will help you get in a serving of veggie and protein. I have recently found there are cocoa covered almonds which are super tasty! These are all super great snacks that are quick and easy!

I do hope that you are working hard and even when it gets hard, remember there are people out there that are working right along side of you! As always,  if you have any questions for me or coach Laura feel free to drop a line!

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