Restaurant Recomendations!

So its Sunday night, and I am just wondering… Are you thinking you failed this weekend because you went out with your hunny on a hot date and “cheated a little” at the restaurant?
Well, first let me put your mind at ease when I say there are no cheaters here. There are no real winners either (only losers..of weight of course). What there is, is you and I making choices each day about our health.
So let’s talk about food for a bit. I want you to know that it is okay to eat out, its great even! I know I love going out, and I go out a lot! Yes, its true, I eat out often and I was able to lose almost 25 pounds in 12 weeks!
But how? Well what I want to do here is give you some of the places I go, and tell you exactly what I order! And then maybe you can have some ideas yourself and not let those little voices of guilt haunt you when you are eating absolutely awesome food!
The first place on my list Garden Party Cafe in downtown Baraboo. I love it there! They have amazing soups all the time (for just 4 dollars a big ole bowl)! They are homemade, and they almost always have one that is brothy (not cream) and they usually are packed with yummy veggies!
I also love their chicken sandwich’s. Yes they usually have cheese, but I tend to keep the cheese, and take off half the bun!
My second recommendation has to be Log Cabin, and not for the pancakes! I love love love Fridays at the cabin because they have an amazing broiled cod. Pair that with a cup of soup and some garlic grilled pasta and you will feel you have a meal for a king (or a queen like you!) However, I do say that you should skip the bread basket all together, because once you start you won’t want to stop, so why even tempt yourself! Ask them not even to bring it to the table.
My next recommendation happens to be in Wisconsin Dells, and it is a newer discovery but it is beyond amazing! High Rock Cafe! Yum yum and more yum! They have amazing wraps, soups, and entrees! I absolutely enjoy the Airliner. Its a grilled chicken that comes with grilled veggies and mashed potatoes. I usually sub the potatoes for more veggies but on an occasion they would be fine if you eat half!
As for those quick an easy meals from one of those fast food places in town, I say stay away! Far away! I do recommend Papa Murphy’s for pizza because they have amazing Delight pizzas. A grill chicken Mediterranean or a veggie pizza are you best bets. But they do have a higher fat content so you can’t eat them all the time.
If its really a time thing, run into your local grocery store grab are rotisserie chicken and a bag of steamed vegetables and you will be set with a quick easy meal in minutes!
My last recommendation is for date night! Granite City in Madison, by west town mall is absolutely fabulous. They offer small plate options, as well as a few vegetarian options! I had the Mediterranean chicken with broccoli and wild rice! It was so delicious! That’s my picks for you!
I hope you check them out and love eating out as much I do! Tell them that Fit Wit Me recommended you stop by.  Enjoy!

This is butternut squash soup from High Rock Cafe! Yum!

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