Kristens great work!

Hey everyone, this is Coach Laura dispelling the myth that Angela is the only one losing weight at Fit Wit Me.  (Just kidding but I want to brag on how great everyone is doing)

Everyone had a great weigh and measure this last week. Nancy has gotten her blood sugar issue well under control and lost weight and inches. Marcy has been here just 3 week and has already lost over 7lbs and 6.5 inches. Leilani pulled great numbers, and Megan who has only been with us a week and a half has lost pounds and MORE importantly has noticed changes in her body already.

But I want to give a great shout out to Kristen. She was rocking out the pull ups this week and impressing all of us (we should take a picture of that too; I am telling you it was awesome)  Check out her pictures below and let her know what you think of her 3 month progress in our comments section below.

Here is Kristen from the side, check out that flattening tummy, tighter touche, and slimmer neckline.


Sorry ladies I can’t get these to be side by side.

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