Week 14 weigh in

Hey there girls, how are you! First off a big shout out there to all my ladies rockin it out in the gym! You are all looking so fabulous and I am super proud of you! It is hard to stay focused but you are doing great! Keep it up!
As for me! The plateau has ended and I have officially lost 25 pounds! I feel great!
So far I have learned lots of things about myself and what I am able to do.
One of my new favorite sayings is Success is believing that you can!
I definitely plan on having that on one of my walls in the new gym.
Ah, that is another thing. For those of you that don’t know, I have decided to become a Zumba instructor! I should be licensed by my next weigh in and then I will be starting classes.
Now don’t you worry, I will still be working out with Laura and I will still be blogging. But can I tell you something, I am super scared. I have all these voices in my head saying I can’t do it! I am afraid of being really bad at it, and what if no one comes. What if I am so uncoordinated that I just look stupid. Yikes, what scary thoughts!
But I am pressing on! I will succeed, because Success is believing you can! Right? Right!
so, that is what is new! I will let you all know when I become an instructor and I will tell you all about my class!
So I know how much you all love my every other week pictures, but this week I thought I would put up one with cute clothes on!
Here you go!

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