Its Official!

So ladies, I have done it!  Angela here and I am officially a Zumba instructor. Believe me when I tell you that I was scared out of my wits on Saturday. And then, I got to the YMCA, and I immediately met someone who also had never done Zumba before. And I was relieved! I also had two nice older ladies take me under their wing, so I felt loved!
Then, I spent the entire day performing and learning a bunch of different latin dance songs. And it was so hard! But fun!
I couldn’t believe that I did that for more than nine hours. I was amazed at my own strength and ability. But about halfway through, I also realized that 3 months ago, I was in bad shape!
I would not have been able to keep up at all, had I not all ready started taking care of myself. And I realized that I wanted to make sure that those women that I am teaching are going to be able to keep up too.
I realized how much my heart aches for the women who don’t feel like they are able to get into shape. And I want to make sure that it is within their grasps! I want the space I teach in, to be a safe and comfortable environment. And I want anyone that takes my class to know that I am not perfect, but I just want good health.
I have dreams for all of you that you will face your inner fears as I did, and take tat first step into good health! And I cannot wait for you to join me in one of my classes! 🙂

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