Weigh in week 16

Well hello there! So I am super excited about this weeks weigh in! I feel like my plateau is finally over, and my body is responding to me again!
I am so excited about being at week 16, because it has been hard. Weight loss is not easy, and any one that says it is has not been as overweight as long as I have been!
But I am amazed that after 16 weeks I am able to shop at “normal” stores! I will never again be plagued by going to a plus sized womens only store that is so overpriced I can only buy one or two things at a time! I am excited about being able to walk into a store and see a size number and say, wow that might fit me!
I was at my best friends house the other day and she is a lot smaller than me. We have shopped together for years and we have never been able to go into the same stores because nothing has ever fit me. Its been sad and hard for me, even though I never told her so. As a woman clothes shopping is so fun to go with friends, and I have spent years going alone to “specialty shops”. Not anymore! The fun thing that happened this week is I picked a dress out of her closet that actually fit me!!!! I can’t even believe it! The days of shopping alone are behind me!
What’s in front of me is life! I must say right here, I have arrived at the day of vacation, and I cannot wait. I am heading to Tennessee and there isn’t a single ride that I am not going on! Life has been waiting for me, and I am ready to live it full blast!
Here are my stats and new pictures! The transformation is blowing my mind every two weeks! I am amazed at what I am capable of! I hope that you too are finding your inner strength! 🙂

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