Howdy Ya’ll!
Well here I am in sunny and gorgeous Tennessee! I have been on vacation for almost a full week now, and I am loving it!
I have to tell you that I feel accomplished! I have been able to do some incredible things here. Things I never even imagined doing.
First off, I was absolutely able to ride roller coasters. Now in the past I was too heavy and my butt was way to wide to get on this type of ride, but not anymore! Now I had no problems! In fact Barnstormer (one of the Thrill rides) ended up being my favorite ride of all because it reminded me of being on a giant swingset, which was my favorite thing to do as a child!
Also while I was here I did this huge ropes course. Now I was strapped on, but there was so many of the obstacles that I would never have even tried! But I did every single one of them!
I hiked and hiked while I was here, and I walked around the theme park every single day, for HOURS! Never once did my body feel too worn out or sore or anything!
However, eating out while on vacation is a huge challenge! Especially here in the south! I find it super hard to find “healthy” options. However the best places I ate were at buffets when I could pick what I want! I did splurge a couple times and have small desserts, or a few bites. And I found myself drinking a lot of lemonade. However my tastes buds remind me constantly that its too sweet and I need “real” food! But I know that I am on vacation, and I can be careful with my eating but I don’t have to be stingy!
I know I will be leaving tomorrow and it will be time for me to get right back on track! Just because I am down here in buggy country doesn’t mean I have fallen off the wagon for good! I am ready to come back home and get crackin’! Take care and we’ll see ya’ll on the flip side!

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