PMS monster?

Coach Laura here again, with a statement that might shock you.  I love PMS!


I love PMS.


I make the choice to like PMS.  You know me my philosophy that life is a series of choices.  Now when something happens in your life that is unexpected or that perhaps even causes hurt to you physically, emotionally or mentally, it is very hard to not see that as a “bad” thing.  However, how I see that is just my choice.  I can choose to remain focused on all the bad stuff or see a way that it benefits me.

Well PMS can hurt me physically, emotionally and mentally; but I make a conscious choice to see it as a good thing.  So lets talk about a few of the benefits that I get from PMS and how they relate to weight loss.

So during PMS week there are a LOT of things that annoy me.  But when I think about it the things that annoy me during PMS are things that annoy me all the time.  Whether it is a messy house, a tone of voice from a loved one, or a spouse not telling me when he will be running late, these all annoy me all the time but I generally blow them off, or ignore them.  PMS is my minds way of telling me not to blow these things off all the time.  It is my minds way of telling me to deal with them when I DON’T have PMS, when I can remain calm and focused.  So,

1) PMS is a great reminder to keep deal with more in my life, instead of ignoring things that annoy me.  As far as weight loss dealing with things. will keep my stress levels down

Also, I tend to get very singularly focused.  If I start cleaning, I will clean my kitchen from top to bottom, reorganize every cupboard, I might even start alphabetizing food products (just kidding).   So,

2) PMS gets me focused on accomplishing things with intensity.  I can bring this same intensity to workouts and my diet (ever start obsessing that your not on track?  That is that intensity).

Then there is the emotions;  ohhhh, the emotions!  Laughing, crying, screaming, loving, and that was all in a 10 minute span of time.  Much of the time due to a busy schedule, lots of responsibilities, and just general avoidance, I don’t tap into my emotions enough.  Emotions can be very a great source of guidance, a source of inspiration and great ideas, and a way for me to motivate me toward my goals.  So,

3) When my emotions are so close to the surface it allow me to harness them to have some great ah hah moments.  These moments will stick with me long after the PMS is gone, and so will that motivation.  This is huge for weight loss goals.

Also, I get very bloated, so after my period is over I have lost 5 pounds and feel great about that!!!  That is if I don’t allow the 5 pound increase to drive me crazy.

Well those are a few of the choices that I have made around PMS.  And it is not just me, I have seen these things happening with my clients also. I just don’t know if they have seen those benefits for themselves.  I hope this can help!

If you have any comments on any benefits you have from PMS, I hope you post them below, either serious or sarcastic.

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