Weigh In week 23

Week 23. Its so hard to believe that I have been at this close to 6 months. Now, I am not quite to my six month goals, but I keep pushing.
I realize over and over again where I struggle, and where I succeed. I have to constantly remind myself that some things are just plain out of my control and that there is nothing I can do about it.
And there are other things that I can totally control. Like how much rest I get. This week I want to talk about resting and relaxing.
I know how hard that can be for a lot of you, and I am totally right there with you. I have five kids and I hardly ever feel like I have a moment to myself. The most time I take for myself is working out, and that is not always “relaxing”. Sure I blow off a lot of steam and physical energy. And I know I feel great doing so. But I don’t always “recharge” when I work out.
So over the weekend I took some good old fashioned me time. Just for me! Because it was necessary to my health and well being.
What did I do? I read 3 novels, I went for a small walk, I sat in a hammock, I read my bible and prayed, I laughed with a friend, and I DID NOT step on my scale the entire weekend.
There was no tv where I was, no radio,no ipod, no noise. It was just me, chilling. Now I know that may not be your cup of tea, and generally speaking, its not mine.
But it was so peaceful. I was able to just be. I did not worry about a single thing. Just me and some books. When I was hungry I ate (and it wasn’t always the greatest choices, health wise, but it didn’t matter much), when I was tired I slept, when I was not tired I got up. I just existed for the weekend. And it was great.
So my recommendation to you, if you just need to clear your head, or are just seeking some rest… Get away if you can, for just a bit even. And find some peace. I know I am so much better for it!


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