EXTRA, EXTRA, Read ALL about it

Coach Laura here!!!

I am tuning in to give you the great news, we are in our new gym!  Today was the last day of training at our 5th Ave location.  Although it was wonderful there, I am soooo happy to have the extra room in our 3rd Street location.  AND we have new offerings at the new location.

First, the location is at 132 3rd Street.  We are across the street from Book World, The Grainery, and Spa Serenity.

Next, we are now offering ZUMBA at our new location.  Classes cost between $4 and $4.50 a class.  Angela (oh you know you remember her from all her great blog posts) has a great FULL schedule of classes.  Times will follow, but feel free to call us or her for details.

Also we are offering a new structured nutrition program.  We are starting TLS Weight Loss Solution meetings this next week.  We will provide accountability, education and help you create a diet and lifestyle that will work for you!  This month only we are offering this program for just $25 with the purchase of our Fit Body program.  You will love this new program!  Stop by for more information.

Big stuff for you and the men in your life here:  We are also starting a kickboxing gym starting September 16th.  This is a MEN’S AND WOMAN’S kickboxing gym.  It will be at our same new location, with the entrance in the rear.  Don’t worry ladies, Fit Wit Me is staying woman’s only!  But our kickboxing gym will totally ROCK!  When you are kickboxing you truly feel amazing and our goal at KICKS! is to help you find your inner super hero.  KICKS!  will be open 6 days a week, and during our 30 minute workout you will get to kick and hit bags, burning up to 500 calorie in just 30 minutes.

KICKS! at regular price will only be $49.95 a month, but if you register before Sept 15th, you will get an even better price (as LOW as $28 a month).  ALSO everyone who registers before the 15th will get a $30 pair of glove for FREEEE!  Call now at 608-477-2686  or stop by our current studio at 132 3rd Street for more details


Is your mind blown yet???   Not yet?


OK, then how would you like 1 week free of training?  The I would like any of you ladies to come by the new gym this next week for a FREE WEEK of training.  I am training from 6am – 1pm and 4pm to 7pm  Monday, Wednesday and Friday (Sept 7th, 9th, and 12th).  All you have to do to redeem this offer is call me 608477-2686 or email   fitwitme@gmail.com with the time you would like to come in and workout.  So drop off those kids at school and get your butt into Fit Wit Me next week.


What was that sound?  Ah, YES!  You mind has now been blown.  Your welcome!

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  1. Angela McMurray

    But that’s not all folks, because I am offering FREE Zumba from Sept. 6 until the 16th! That’s right! Free Zumba! I want you all to come and try it out and see what a fun time we are gonna have!

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