Exercising with the First Lady, and Binge Eating : thoughts from Biggest Loser

So this week on Biggest Loser, the remaining contestants and their families exercised with the First Lady.  It was fun to see Bob as nervous as he was training the First Lady.  Hehe.  She talked again about her initiative getting kids active and healthy.  What a great goal this is.  Several months ago we asked ourselves what we could do to help kids in our community.  We added in ZumbAtomic a kids fitness dance class each week.  Angela loved this class sooo much that she realized she wanted to do many more classes for kids.  So we are proud to announce that we will be have Kids Bootcamps this Summer. 

We will be doing 5am, 6:30am and 8am Woman’s Only Bootcamps, 5 days a week throughout the summer.  But during our 8am class we will have a training just for the kids (ages 5 to 13).  Each week we will be doing a variety of activities, dancing, team challenges, games, obstacle courses, that will make fitness fun for your kids this summer. 

We even are offering discounts for our, Go Mommy Go (Mom and Kids sign up together) and discounts for multiple children in the same family.  You can choose from 1, 2, or 3 session each week.  For more info please email us or call us at 608-477-2687.


Binging ~

Did you see Chris this week on Biggest Loser go on an eating binge?  What did you think of that?  Have you ever found yourself in front of a empty pizza box, empty cookie bag, or multiple candy bar wrappers and wondered, “Where did all that go?”  I have!

How did you feel afterward?  Well physically you probably felt full, swollen, sluggish, sleepy.  But emotionally you probably felt disappointed in yourself, humiliated, like you just let yourself down.  Did you hear Bob’s advice at the weigh in?  “Ya, you binged.  There are lots of people out there that do that.  So are you going to let this stop you?  Are you going to let all this hard work just fall away because of one moment of weakness”  (I paraphrase) 

Yes, it is not ideal, but when something like that happens, forgive yourself fast and move on!  If you are already making progress in finding your ideal size, don’t stop just because of a set back.  Sure think about ways you can perhaps deal with the stress better in the future.  But DO NOT get so down on yourself that you slow down. 

If you haven’t begun the process of finding your ideal size, what are you waiting on?  If you knew you had only 5-10 year left in your life, would invest 6 months to a year if you knew that you would be healthy and have a ton of energy for the rest of the years?  None of us know how much time we have left, why keep putting of getting healthy and feeling great one more week.  If you need help know that we are hear for you to get you started. 



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