7 minutes to destination fat burn.

Coach Laura here!

Stop the sit-ups!

Many people think to lose stubborn belly fat it takes more sit-ups.  That is just not true.  What it take is awesome cardio interval training.  This is the fastest way to burn fat.

So today I am offering you an at home workout that is just 7 minutes long.  Ok, ok you can do the workout more than once, but you don’t need to make this longer than 30 minutes to get a great workout. No fancy equipment, just a timer and a flight of stairs.

Warm up 4 minutes on a treadmill or elliptical.  If you don’t have one simply march and run in place.

Do not take breaks between exercises only at the end of each 7 minute set.

1 min of Bench Hops; if you don’t have a bench a chair and clothes basket works great.

2 mins Stair Climb; go up a flight of stairs 2 at a time then come down. Hang on to the rail on the way down (jelly legs) but not on the way up.

1 min of Jump Rope; don’t have one or the space to do it, then swing those arms and get hopping. Shadow jump rope works too.

2 mins of the elliptical or treadmill FAST; if you don’t have a tread mill try doing collar kicks for the 2 minutes.  Like this but without the person!

1 min of elevated lunges; use the bottom stair for your elevation.

Repeat up to 3-4 times, with as few breaks as you can.  

4 min cool down

This workout will have your heart pumping and leave you breathless, which is when you are burning belly fat the fastest.  If you have any questions or comments we love to hear them below!!

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