Ok, for real someone needed to glue that fools lips together once and for all!

Hi all,

I would love to tell you about a testimonial of a woman that lost weight and really change her life.  She grew up a chubby kid with very low self esteem.  This girl had dreams, owning her own successful business, having her weight under control once and for all, a peaceful, connected relationship with her husband, lots of friends, and to help others.  Every time she had an idea of how to do one of these, the little voice inside her would say, “Nahhhh, that’s not you!  That’s for other people. You can’t do that because you never have before. Besides, if it doesn’t work it will be a huge waste of time, waste of money, and nobody wants that.”

Look close . . unhappy

For so many years even if she did “try” something there was always a “reason” it didn’t work.  Eventually the economic tanked, her house was in foreclosure, with tens of thousands of dollars in debt besides her mortgage, she was 60 pounds overweight, had 2 or 3 friends that she trusted, and a marriage that wasn’t working and she didn’t know how to make better.   Now it wasn’t like she didn’t have how to’s or a support system (good family, good in-laws, good congregation, an abundance of Biblical principles to apply to make life better), but the how to’s weren’t working.  There was something else that needed to change; that little voice inside her needed to be quieted.

Ok, for real someone needed to glue that fools lips together once and for all!”

Frustrated and disappointed she was ready to try something different.  When a friend recommended a workshop she had heard great things about, this girl decided to attend. $20 and 3 hours was all she would be out if it was a bunch of hooey!

When I look into those eyes all I see are questions and doubt . . . but I used to know her

 With in 9 months of attending her first workshop with Klemmer and Associates, the house was out of foreclosure she was making an extra $30,000 a year, communication in her relationship had drastically improved (in fact they decided to have another child, something they were putting off), and she had reached out to her friends for real support.  Oh, the voice was there still, but there was tools she had learned to put that voice in it’s place.  Slowly this woman was transforming into a new person, one challenge at a time.

 2 years from that point, I had lost 60 pounds going from a size 18 to a size 8, got certified as a personal trainer, had a financially successful business helping others in the community lose weight (and become empowered to achieve their goals), was debt free.  I have 2 wonderful boys and great husband who really tries to hear me and I try to hear him.  I am able to help so many people in so many ways now.  I cannot believe that I debated spending the silly $20. Don’t get me wrong, that is not all I have spent attending work shops, but you have no idea the amount of misery I was carrying in my life everyday before. Trust me it was worth it!  Now I have peace and balance.  I will not lie and say the voice is gone completely, but oh so very quiet; and a louder one has replaced it with ideas of writing books, building bigger businesses, financially supporting the causes I love, helping more people and KNOWING beyond doubt I am the person to do it.  I CAN and I WILL.

From this in 2008 . . .

. . . to this in 2012

Why am I telling you this story, because I would like to invite you to spend $20 and 3 hours of your time at a Klemmer and Associates workshop this Tuesday, November 13th,  7pm at the Glacier Canyon Lodge in Wisconsin Dells.  Is there a voice inside you that you would like to change? Do you have goals and dreams that you just seem to be falling flat of?  Would you like to make more money?  improve your relationship?  or just feel better about yourself?

My friend Angela McMurray is pre-selling tickets for $20 (it is $59 at the door) so please call her at 608-434-2489 or email her at foreverfollowinghim@yahoo.com

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