Will you love cookies or love you this season?

Hey ladies,Angela here…
It’s that time of year again. The time when there are holiday parties for work and with friends. Where you are surrounded by potlucks, constant gatherings, and those oh so delicious Christmas cookies. And if that isn’t enough, you have to make treats for your kids at school for their functions as well!
Not to mention the stress load of gift exchanges, for people you like and don’t like, and all of the places that you feel like you “have” to go.. so that way someone is not upset with you. Believe me, I understand. Having to try to entertain, and if you go here and not there, someone is going to be upset regardless. Because Auntie Jo isn’t speaking to Uncle Frank and because you feel terrible in the dress that you bought, but there isn’t anything that you can do about it, because this is the way that it is. And while, no one is probably even going to give it a second thought to what you wear, you know in your heart they are all commenting about it. Or so you think…
So I ask you, what are you doing for you? How are you taking care of yourself?
Have you completely given up this holiday season and decided that its no use anyways. You are going to eat that cookie, and going to the gym probably isn’t going to make that much of difference, so why go? Well, ladies I ask you? Why put yourself into a self sabbatoge mode? Why not love yourself enough this holiday season because YOU ARE WORTH IT!
I understand what happens. I get into this vicious cycle where I think, well, its just one cookie… and then its two, and then four, and then I feel yucky the next day. So yucky that I don’t want to go the gym, and then I beat myself over the head… and so what I do, I eat another cookie!
Stop the cycle. Love you! Love yourself enough to know what triggers the binge eating. I implore you to really think about what you are putting in your mouth and the reasons why. Is it the stress of the season, of work, of friends? Is it because you don’t like the way you look? Or the way you feel? Is it something deeper that has to do with past hurts surrounding the holidays.
We all have challenges. I will be so honest as to say, I have mine. The holiday season has not been a pleasant time for me, and even this year has its burdens. I am single for the first time in many years, and raising my children alone. There are many times when I don’t want to “deal with” people that are in my life, because they are insensitive. Or so I think. And so what do I do? I shove something tasty in my mouth, because that will make me “feel better”. But it doesn’t. It actually begin to feel worse.
And so, you know what, I can change what I am feeling about this whole scenario. When I look into the mirror in the morning, I say, “You are all ready enough. You are beautiful. You are valuable.” Because I am the one in charge of how I feel.
And for me, that is what is driving my hind end back into the gym. So what about you? How are you going to love you this holiday season? I ask you to just start by taking one step. Just one step foward towards the life that you wanted. Whether it be, put the cookie down and make a better food choice, or showing back up at the gym, or going for a walk.. and even so much so as making a choice that doesn’t make you unhappy.. like not feeling guilt over a party that you “had” to go to, but didn’t. LOVE YOU THIS SEASON!!
And we will love you too!
Laura and I, and the others are at Impact Fitness will be here to support you through this season. Just stop in or give a call. 🙂

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