…it is what GOT you fat. It is what KEEPS you fat.

What is making you “fat”? 


What are your challenges?

Stop and think about that for a minute!
I dare you to take 5 minutes and make a list.

What will make your list?unhealthy snacks

Genetics  (Fat Family)
Had a couple kids and never lost the weight
Husband isn’t supportive
No money for a trainer or gym
Hate to exercise
Hate vegetables
Diets don’t work

Those are really good reasons.  I am sure you came up with some really good ones too.  Those are all very common reasons and I have heard all of these and more in the years that I have been coaching people.

Let me tell you something about those reasons.  They are . . .


That’s right, none of those are the reason you are over fat.  I hear them all, and none of them are true.  Do you know why I can say that? I have met someone with every one of those reasons of why they are over weight, that have lost weight.  Think about it!  Do you know a diabetic who has lost weight, or someone over 40, or someone who hated vegetables, or hated to sweat?  Yup, I bet you know someone in every one of those reasons who has lost weight.

So if they can do it, so can you!

So what is the reason you’re FAT?  Hmmmm, lets think about it again.  Think, think, think?

person thinkingYup, you got it!



Your thinking is why you are fat.  It is what got you fat.   It is what  keeps you fat. 

Here is the good news; it is completely within your power to change.  That is what my goal for you is through this challenge.  To challenge the way you currently think, and assist you to see things a different way.  You can choose to keep thinking the same way you have been, but won’t you just get the same results that you have always gotten?  Or you can choose to take yourself on, to think about things in a different way, and perhaps come up with different results.

There are some of you right now thinking, “Oh I am not going to become one of those people that LOVES working out!”  Do you know those of us that workout regularly, don’t wake up everyday and think, “Wow, I get to go run again!  Yippy!”  or  “I just can’t wait to do some push ups and burpees.”   Many of us dread the beginning of our workouts just the same way you do.   We love them when they are over!        weightloss success

AND we love the results that come from them.

We love the way our body feels, how our minds feel less cloudy, and we love taking care of ourselves, making me a priority!

So lets just take little steps together.  Lets make a commitment to one another to challenge the way you think so that you can have different results.   Lets put some time into this 12 week challenge and really get the most out of it.

I look forward to seeing each of you at our Thursday night coaching meeting, 5:30 at Impact Fitness.  – Coach Laura


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