Make up a different story and start to believe it

How many of you have seen those shows where they have to “tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth” ?  That might even be a real thing but I find it best to not believe everything you see on TV . . . achem! Kardashian!).  Most of us, if asked, would say we know how to tell the truth, whether we do ALL the time or not.  “Truth” is pretty easy to define.
So, if I asked you to tell me the “truth” about your current fitness / weight, what would you tell me?  Pause . . . . really think about that.  What is the truth about your current weight?

Responses that I expect:
“I am fat (over weight, un-healthy, lazy, a loser).”
“I have tried everything but it doesn’t work.”
“I am trying but there’s no chance I will win Biggest Loser.”
“I am on my way to being at my goal size.”
“My body is working better everyday.”
“I so have this Biggest Loser thing locked up.”

These can be the thought processes of the same person over the same event or question, but the “truths” seem fundamentally different.  Why so different?

Because truth is not so easy to define as we think it is.

In this world there are Black and white, purely information, facts.  These are things that cannot be disputed.  Example: I have 2 children and work 40 or more hours a week in my business.  Those are facts and cannot be disputed.  But the “truth” behind these facts as told by different people might be drastically different.
To some I may be one of those moms that ignores her children to pursue a career, allowing others to raise her kids.
To others I might be superwoman, doing it all with no time for herself.
My truth that I choose is that with the help of a supportive husband I get to spend tons of time with my kids, and be able to do work I am terrific at and effect the lives of dozens, no hundreds, no thousands of people.

How can the truth vary so much?  Because this version of truth is just a story.  It is a story that we make up based on our perceptions, our experiences, our goals, our values, and ALL of our issues!

It is a meaning that we give to facts that cannot be changed.

Meanings can be different for each person.  The point is there are as many meanings for a fact as there are people.

How does this effect your fitness goals?  Have you ever gigood vs bad foodven up on a diet, workout or fitness plan?  I am going to suggest it was because of the meaning you place on the facts.  Have you ever eaten a piece of cake at work because of some party and then eaten high calorie, low nutrient foods for the rest of the week?  Have you ever “fallen off the wagon”?  Just look at that statement.  “Fallen off the wagon.”  That is such a meaning, to what probably was 1 high calorie meal.  But you created a meaning of failure and let it derail you for how long?

Let me tell you a story straight out of our gym.  This week at Impact Fitness we are doing an amazing, but very intense workout.  Why?  Because all the new clients that started with me at the beginning of Biggest Loser are ready to physically handle it.  In their workout program, it is time for this workout.  But this week I have heard so many stories!  I have heard how mean I am (that one just makes me smile and laugh like a super villain), some people have said to me, “I thought working out was supposed to get easier. This isn’t getting any easier for me”.  I have had long term clients that are fully convinced that because they went on vacation for a week they “let themselves get so out of shape”.


The new people in class are rocking a workout that they NEVER would have been able to handle week number 1.  The same people that are soooo out of shape are cranking out push ups like crazy or frog jumping across the room in 3 jumps!!!

Why, oh why, oh why do we give facts in our life meanings that make us feel bad, do not motivate us, or keep us from our goals? 
Have you heard of the term, self-fulfilling prophecy?  That means that what we say. . . or what we BELIEVE . . . has a way of coming true!  If because of years of programs or thouself fulfilling prophecyght patterns running a certain way, we believe we are not going to succeed, then we will do our darnedest to make sure we don’t succeed.  We will make up truths for even the smallest event, that will support us our truths that we already made up.

Are you tired of feeling like a failure yet?
Notice I didn’t say being a failure, just that you feel like a failure and make up stories of failure, even when it is not a failure.

So how do you solve this problem?
It can be tough or easy.

You must make up different stories, and then start to believe them.

If you eat a meal with higher calories, understand that athletes do the same thing, understand that it can be beneficial for your metabolism, understand that it means nothing.  (This is not me saying you can eat high calorie, low nutrient every meal)  Make up a truth that works for you and encourages you.  Make up a truth that makes you feel like a million bucks, successful and amazing.

So your assignment this week is to take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle.  In one column write “fact”, in the other write “truth”.  Write down all the facts that seem to tripfact and truth you up and send you into a downward spiral.  Then on the other side make up a new truth that will motivate you and empower you.
As always share if you dare!  When you come up with a new meaning that really works for you, please comment on the blog below or let us know on our facebook page!

Here is my truth:  Every single one of you are amazing, powerful and success people.  You can succeed in anything that you decide you will.  It is my pleasure to know you and help coach you.  Thank you for being in my life and inspiring me to do more and be better.

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