Food Guilt

So here it is, all ready going into week three of the 20 in 6 challenge. The time sure does get away from a person, especially me it seems! I am down 2 ½ pounds and more than 4 inches! I can hardly believe that I have shrunk FOUR inches! I am all ready able to tell that my pants are feeling a bit looser and my clothes are feeling a bit less snug. It is such a great feeling.

So, let’s talk about food and guilt. I know that it is a bit of a heavy subject, but I completely understand how the two go together for some people and I wanted to talk about it from my perspective. First off, for those of you that know me, you know that vegetables present a real challenge for me because, frankly, I do not enjoy them. Not really at all! However, I know that if I would like to release some of this body clutter that I am carrying around, I know that the best choice for me to eat would be vegetables. And so, I eat them. Every day.  Whether I “like” them or not, I just eat them. For me it is a lot like putting one foot in front of the other. I just do whatever the next thing is that needs to be done.

A wise friend told me once that it could be as easy or as hard as I chose to make it, and SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL. So, I am choosing to make this weight release journey as “easy” as possible. I am living in a mindset that  I am going to get rid of this weight and I am NOT going to suffer through it. I am going to get excited about every small victory and I am going to reward myself. And we will talk about rewards in a minute.

So here is where there guilt comes in to play. I know many of you out there from one time or another has “fallen off the wagon”. Or in other words, you have eaten something that you didn’t feel like you should have. When you were done, you began to feel guilty about it, and then you either continued to make unhealthy food choices, or you beat yourself up over it, or maybe you even got a little crazy about it and then decided you were going to wreck yourself by going on a ten mile walk or something to “counteract” the unhealthy choice.

I ask you, why do you feel guilty? The way that I see it is, food is JUST food. And currently for me, many hear me say that food is fuel. BECAUSE IT IS! Food is simply fuel for your bodies. Now you can choose to put fuel in your body that isn’t going to allow you to run as well, or you can choose to put in the premium fuel. The kind of fuel that is going to help you run exceptionally. And with said, sometimes we choose the fuel that we know isn’t going to be the best quality for us, and we choose it anyways. SO WHAT!!!!  It was just ONE CHOICE!

One choice in a series of hundreds of choices that we make throughout the entire day. So, when you choose to make an unhealthy choice and you feel the guilt rising up inside of you, instead of beating yourself up over it, I implore you to say, “that was one choice” and then make a different choice after that. I want you to know that the one unhealthy choice that you made doesn’t define you. Nor does the hundreds of unhealthy choices that you possibly made that got you to where you are today. They are not what makes you the amazing person that you are today. Let me say that again, your unhealthy choices DO NOT DEFINE YOU!!  So drop whatever labels you are carrying around and hold your head up proudly because you are taking action to change your life, one step at a time. Even if the only step is reading this blog, you are doing something, one step at a time. Just keep taking those steps, and I will too.

Here is my final thought, because I want to take a minute to talk about “rewards” and treats. Many people I know feel that they deserve a “treat” from time to time, or everyday…. Or some where in between there. J I would like to tell you first, I think you that you deserve ALL KINDS of rewards and treats! I think you are doing an amazing job, so you should be proud of yourself. So, go out and reward yourself! Let me say this though, YOU ARE NOT A PUPPY!!!! Rewards and treats do not have to look like food! They can be things like getting yourself a pedicure, or a massage, or buying yourself a favorite candle. Or you don’t even have to spend any money it could mean a leisurely walk by the river, or setting aside time for you to sit and read or relax, or just doing something fun that you really wanted to do.

Pedicures are definitely my thing and I thoroughly enjoy getting them! One day soon, I will be treating myself to one, because I most definitely deserve it!  

I hope that if you are struggling with food guilt at all, you can let it go, and know that you are incredibly valuable and you deserve to live your best life ever. I am here for you if you ever need someone to talk to, or to give you a pat on your back because I think you are absolutely amazing!

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