Week 12 weigh in

Hey there gang! How are you doing at week 12? Me, well I am doing fantastic. For the most part.
I have hit the ever dreaded plateau. I am at week 12 and for the last few weeks I have not lost “a lot” of weight. Actually, this last two weeks, I didn’t lose any, and I didn’t lose any inches. So I won’t even be listing my stats today, although I will be posting pictures.
But I am always learning something and always pressing forward. What I have learned the last few weeks is this… I am not a failure! Does that sound familiar? It isn’t anything new, but I am always learning and reaffirming that. After not losing anything for a full two weeks I could be completely bent out of shape, and I could throw in the towel.
But that is the old me. And that is the fat girl inside of me telling me to quit. Its too hard. Its not worth it. That I will always fail and I will never get smaller.
But the skinny girl says CAN, CAN, CAN! I CAN do this. I CAN lose the weight and keep it off. I CAN become a personal trainer and teach others about fitness and health.
I have had people ask me over and over again say things about Biggest Loser and knowing that at their 12 week mark some of them have lost more then 100 pounds in that time. I have lost about 25 so far. It may seem like chump change in comparison.
Okay, but how many of you saw week 12 biggest loser. There was a couple brought back called the 12th team. They were the team that were brought in after 12 weeks and if they lost a certain amount of weight they could come to the ranch. Well, they did not lose the right amount. It was more than 90 pounds. But they did lose 45 and 30 pounds at home. I clapped and yelled at my tv! Because they were at home, living real lives! And that is what you and I are doing. Last weeks BL is what pushed me on a bit further to say, see.. I am right on here!
So I want to encourage you here. If you are feeling the 12 week blues, know that I have been there, and I know its hard. I know you want to quit. But keep pushing forward! You CAN do it!

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